Stress and Trauma therapy, Postnatal Trauma.

Donna is presently completing training in a technique known as Somatic Experiencing, which is very successful in assisting clients with being present and to avoid being triggered by past events. Somatic Experiencing is a naturalistic way to heal trauma and helps a client learn how to settle and release psychological and physiological stress from their body. The technique trains clients how to manage uncomfortable sensations and gently release them through conscious attention. This allows mind and body to integrate to the present moment.
Using Somatic Experiencing, Donna has had positive results helping women to release trauma in a range of situations; including the loss of a baby, multiple miscarriages, difficult birth experiences, trauma remaining from their own birth, or past trauma affecting a current pregnancy. In addition, I am increasingly helping clients resolve relationship issues, including working successfully with couples.

Online services: call or email to arrange time

  • One on one coaching
  • Relationship coaching
  • Fertility online consultations
  • Postnatal online coaching

Our services focus on improving breastfeeding (including special needs infant feeding) with a qualified and experienced lactation consultant (IBCLC).

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture has been around for over 3000 years and has been used for all areas of health and wellbeing.
We bring to you treatment that is relaxing and helps get you the results you are looking for. We use single disposable needles that are extremely fine like a hair encouraging minimal discomfort. People leave feeling relaxed with a sense of renewed balance.

Donna is a trained massage therapist working professionally with massage for 20 years.

Combined with her knowledge and experience of Traditional Chinese medicine Donna can relieve your back pain with the combination of massage, cupping. Cups are used to draw the circulation and promote healing. Combination of oil and sliding cups creates a gentle pressure with creates a relieving sensation. This can also clear congestion and can be helpful for the common cold.

Donna is a qualified massage therapist working professionally with massage for 25 years. With her combined knowledge in midwifery Donna is able to give you the relief and benefits massage can bring you in pregnancy leaving you feeling relaxed and invigorated.