Thank you Donna for assisting me on my journey so far, you are amazing and I am blessed to have met you. I always feel totally supported and confident working with you. Your help and knowledge guides me through often challenging issues so that I can build solid new foundations for myself. The way you work on all levels of healing the mind, body and spirit makes you so unique, you are a true professional and warm and loving person.

- Nicole 2016

At age 41, I had a miscarriage. It was my first pregnancy, and I was heartbroken. Even so, my partner and I continued trying to get pregnant but without success; it was a very stressful and painful process. We so wanted to bring a "little soul" into this world, but were so afraid of not being able to. Already the statistics stated that I had little chance of getting pregnant again, or at least, that trying was craziness.

And it was then that Donna appeared in our lives with her vision that was holistic and full of love. She gave us hope, trust and the power to participate in our own healing process. Later, a little while after starting treatment, we became pregnant again; and it was a wonderful and healthy pregnancy. We gave birth in March, by natural birth, to a beautiful and perfectly healthy girl named Anahata. Donna even came to our home after Anahata's birth to treat me and help me recuperate - and even beautiful Anahata received healing [from Donna].

Donna has a natural gift as a healer and professional acupuncturist. A gift of service. When you are with her you feel at peace, safe and relaxed.

We will be eternally grateful to Donna for helping bring Anahata into the world.

  • Andrea & Pablo

I sought Donna's acupuncture services as a bit of a 'last resort' after unsuccessfully trying to fall pregnant for over two years.  My husband and I had been to Fertility Associates and had numerous tests, but they couldn't find any reason for our infertility other than some ovarian cysts (which disappeared when I later fell pregnant).

Our infertility problems had left me pretty 'fragile' emotionally, and I was also very stressed due to a high pressure job.  Donna recognised this immediately, and taught me to manage my stress through breathing and relaxation exercises, which we practiced during the acupuncture treatments. I also liked the fact that Donna would use acupressure points during the treatments - a sharp contrast with other acupuncture practitioners I had been to in the past, who would put the needles in then leave you alone in the room for half an hour!

Anyway, to my delight, I fell pregnant on my first full menstrual cycle after starting treatments with Donna!  From there, she continued to help me through a reasonably lengthy period of awful morning sickness, and other pregnancy complaints like headaches and hip pain.  I always looked forward to my treatments with Donna as I knew I would leave feeling refreshed and uplifted.  The combination of acupuncture, acupressure, breathing exercises, and Donna's calm and soothing manner, made the treatments deeply relaxing and rejuvenating.

Finally, whilst Donna's other qualifications in nursing and midwifery gave me great confidence in her knowledge and experience regarding pregnancy, the thing I appreciated the most was her genuine compassion and empathy for my situation.  Consequently, I would have no hesitation in recommending Donna's services for anyone needing help with infertility, pregnancy, stress or general health issues. Thank you Donna, you are a wonderful lady and a true healer!

  • Dani

Acupuncture with results!

Donna has been fabulous - she has relieved my back pain, helped regulate my periods, got my body right for conception (no clomiphene needed like last time) and is now taking great care of me during pregnancy as my midwife. Having never had any acupuncture before I am now a convert and would recommend Donna without hesitation.

  • Anita

Just before I started my IVF cycle, I started acupuncture treatments with Donna and when IVF was successful, I continued the treatments. Donna was kind enough to become our midwife as well as help with my fertility and stress. Unfortunately our baby wanted come into the world early and went into labour at 23wks + 3 days and had been admitted into hospital. I was in labour for almost 4 days with contractions anywhere between 30-5mins apart. We were told that, for our baby to survive I needed to hold on until I was at 24 weeks. Throughout this time Donna was with me applying her acupuncture treatments to ensure I was as comfortable as possible at all times. I believe without Donnas's help at that crucial time in our lives we would not have our precious baby girl with us today. We thank you so much for all your patience, guidance and knowledge in what you do. We will be coming back when we have baby no.2

  • Much Love, Michelle & Brad

30th July 2013

Fantastic experience - warm, respectful, thorough, supportive and totally sensitive to our needs. Would fully recommend Harmonise to anyone wishing for a positive and rewarding pregnancy and birthing experience. Thank you a million times.

  • Kathryn Firth

5th August 2013

Donna is a genuine and caring professional and I would definitely go back to her for treatment :) She is great at what she does and I am sure my delivery went so smoothly due to her work throughout my pregnancy.

  • DebMac

Donna helped with my exhaustion and sleepless nights

When I came to see Donna I was exhausted from years of menopausal symptoms, such as 'hot flushes', 'Sleepless nights', etc.  My experience with Donna was very calming, she created a warm and relaxing atmosphere and worked in a very professional and confident manner, which put me at ease immediately.  Her treatments help hugely with my symptoms.

  • Linda

Amazing acupuncture before and during pregnancy

Donna was both my acupuncturist and midwife.  Her understanding of the female body and her mix of both western and eastern techniques proved very successful for me throughout my pregnancy.  Donna took me through a pre - birthing plan using acupuncture and acupressure.  I believe this made my labor go much smoother.  She was a god send post labour visiting me at home and using acupuncture to get me through the stress of sleepless nights and adjusting to a new baby.  Donna was recommended to me through two friends who have both had fertility acupuncture with her.  They both have a beautiful child and all three of us would highly recommend Donna to anyone looking for fertility or pregnancy assistance.

  • Teresa & Marty

Donna has a lovely ability to get alongside people of all ages and is able to work positively with their energy and provide comfort and release through her caring touch and massage. She works with people in a holistic manner and has a great degree of empathy that enables people to be open with her. She has provided therapeutic care to me and members of my family in a number of different ways, always providing relief, care and understanding, touched with both humour and love. I thoroughly recommend Donna in her ability and capacity, to provide the best possible cares.

  • Janine

I went to Donna as a last resort, after a series of heartbreaking miscarriages, I had turned 40, and now it seemed was also facing fertility issues. My only regret is that I had not found her earlier in my journey! Donna takes such a personal approach and helped not only with fertility and miscarriage, but also with sound advice when it was clear I was not going to be able to have a natural birth as I had hoped. She is an excellent and knowledgeable practitioner, but most importantly she offers incredible personal empathy and support in what is such a hard journey. I think especially with miscarriage, it is often hard to find this level of support and understanding. Thank you Donna, for helping us complete our family.

  • Sarah

Thank you for the time and love you put into helping us have a healthy baby. The way you do your work has given us the ultimate gift

  • Roger

Thank you for assisting us on our journey with our baby. You are highly skilled and sincerely dedicated to doing all you could to make this a success and a healing time also.

  • Kathryn

I wanted to thank you so much for all your help with my pregnancy, labour and post-partum conditions. I will definitely go through the same types of therapies for my next pregnancies.

  • Jo

Thank you feet